For better or for worse, I’m not usually someone who thinks too big picture. Societal issues overwhelm me; befriending a Burmese refugee family and helping them with life appeals far more than marching in the street for immigrant rights. Learning about climate change paralyzes me, but I’ll choose my bike over my car any day. I can’t … More #defineFEMININE

Team Dead Bird

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to join with the really fine folk at the Seattle Arc’teryx store and serve as their ambassador. Team Dead Bird (as we affectionately call Arc’teryx in the outdoor world). This might come as much of a surprise to you as it does to me…if you know … More Team Dead Bird

Clean Dirtbaggery

As I’ve been on the road this year, the constant question, whether candidly spoken or tactfully unspoken, is this: “How do you do it? Like, financially?” I don’t have a trust fund that I live off of, The North Face hasn’t yet chosen to bring me onto their athlete team (ha!), and I certainly haven’t … More Clean Dirtbaggery

My Freshman Year

When I first showed up in El Chaltén, my ambitions were simple. I remember saying, “If I can just have one small moment up high on some pristine granite, hopefully in the sun, with a view of the mountains, I’ll leave happy.” The Chaltén massif has a strong reputation, and I had been warned. I … More My Freshman Year