Clean Dirtbaggery

As I’ve been on the road this year, the constant question, whether candidly spoken or tactfully unspoken, is this: “How do you do it? Like, financially?” I don’t have a trust fund that I live off of, The North Face hasn’t yet chosen to bring me onto their athlete team (ha!), and I certainly haven’t … More Clean Dirtbaggery

My Freshman Year

When I first showed up in El Chaltén, my ambitions were simple. I remember saying, “If I can just have one small moment up high on some pristine granite, hopefully in the sun, with a view of the mountains, I’ll leave happy.” The Chaltén massif has a strong reputation, and I had been warned. I … More My Freshman Year

My Happy Medium

I’m headed back to Bariloche, in the midst of a traveling blitz that included a hike from the refugio to the trailhead – hitchhike to Cochamo town – amazing sleep at the Ferretería de Gladys – bus to Puerto Montt – and now a bus to Bariloche and copious amounts of strawberries and grapes for … More My Happy Medium

Chasing the Sun

I just emerged from six fantastic months of chasing summer through the Northwest, Yosemite, the desert Southwest, and most recently, Joshua Tree. Six months of splitters and warm rock and tank tops, and now in the span of a few days and a drive north, it’s December. Winter. It’s a world of red & green and long lines at … More Chasing the Sun

Let’s Eat Pie

“You’re really living the dream,” they say. Inside I cringe; please don’t be jealous, My life is more than what makes it through Instagram filters. You see color and beauty, adventure and friendship; You don’t see the weeds: My swollen eyes and Matt’s bewildered expression, Traffic jams, aimless afternoons, Questions of “what’s next?” Anxiety. Missing … More Let’s Eat Pie


It’s raining. It’s been raining on and off in the PNW for awhile now, and it’s beginning to seem like summer is officially over, despite hopes for a sendy “Send-tember” and a rockin’ “Rock-tober.” I’ve been wearing my running shoes more than my approach shoes recently, and I’ve been sending more crossword puzzles than rock … More Enough.

I quit!

“I don’t think I want to climb anymore. Like, ever. I think I’m going to quit.” That’s what I said. Mark it down, July 25, 2014. Approximately 5pm, at the Lower Cheeks at Index. Matt is my witness, for all you doubters. I was coming back after a 7 week ankle injury during which I … More I quit!