Der Link-up

Last Tuesday, Whitney and I completed a link-up in the Stuart Range that I’ve dreamed of for awhile now, climbing Acid Baby, Solid Gold, and Iconoclast and hiking the Enchantments loop at the same time.

Shane Wilder from Icicle TV here in Leavenworth loaned us a GoPro to document our day for a film he is interested in producing. Being the absolute camera moron that I am, I filled up the GoPro before we finished our first route, mostly with in-the-dark footage. Way to go, Abegg. Whitney and I busted out our cameras to document the rest of the day, and this video is the result of our amateur shooting and editing skills. Hopefully it at least tells a story!

This was definitely one of our biggest ever days climbing in the mountains, and it’s one we’ll both remember forever. Most of the time, we felt like we were flying, and what I initially assumed would be a sufferfest was just another fun day out. It’s pretty cool what we can accomplish if we just try; now I get the feeling it’s time to start dreaming bigger and trying harder.

Enjoy! And then go live your own dream!


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