the random makings of the beginning of a summer

I will try not to leave unaccompanied by my camera anymore.  The last few weeks have been full, and I have very little proof.

I got a chance to share my new home for the night with my mom, while my dad stayed in touch via text and sent us a picture of the home he had when he was my age (he’s the stud on the right):

My mom is convinced my van is a “hippie” van, hence the peace sign. 🙂
the A&B Egg mart van

Had a few stellar days of climbing at Trout Creek with my friend Kevin, followed by threatening-clouds-turned-rain and getting downpoured off the 2nd pitch of Zebra Zion at Smith.  That climb continues to elude me!

Spent a challenging and poignant week up the North Fork of the Quinault in Olympic National Park with a group of 4 inner-city Portland teens and 4 other adults on a Big City Mountaineers trip. Highlights include surviving the day 3 mutiny the teens threw at us, watching 4 girls do so many things they absolutely didn’t think to be possible, a bear sighting, rain-turned-sun, farting, trying to finish off too-full pots of food (hence the farting), hiking at a 1/2 mile/hr pace, endless heavy conversations, “would you rathers,” trail singing, and mosquitos that mostly buzzed and seldom bit.  It was one of the most challenging groups I’ve ever had, which I think is saying something, as I’ve had some challenging groups.  But in the end, with ‘smores, and a fire that the girls built, we sat together and laughed, and told the story of our epic adventure in 15-second snippets, round and round the circle.  It was a good story, and it was a good week.  BCM is an incredible organization doing really amazing work and I’m so thankful to be a part of it.

Then back to Seattle, where I saw many wonderful people in a very short time, including my dear friend Julie, who was up from California.

I spilled half my sandwich on Julie’s feet. Typical.

On the way home to BC, where I’m meeting some folks and heading up to Mount Slesse for a quick day, Number 3 (my new term of endearment for the van…its color and just-a-little-too-bulky size just remind me so much of a number 3 Camalot that somehow I’ve put those things in the same category in my head.  Kind of like how my nut tool reminds me of an aardvark. I digress. So all you who have demanded a name, there it is: “Number 3.”) sustained a blow to it’s head.  A nice “4th of July” themed addition to it’s already colorful assortment of cracks and dings.

photo (1)

And now I’m ready for some climbing! It’s about time!

5 thoughts on “the random makings of the beginning of a summer

  1. Great name, Jenny! Love the photos of the parents. Are you doing any climbing on your way down? Excited to see you!

  2. woo woo! Thanks for the update mon amie! And trust me, the mayo that landed on my foot with half of your sandwich was a much-needed moisturizer (kinda reminds me of our first dinner in Cinque Terre) 😉

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