and so it begins…

First things first. I never thought I’d have a blog; this might not be a successful endeavor. However, enough people have expressed an interest in my summer travels and encouraged me to have a platform to share pictures/stories/etc., that I feel like I should give it a shot. This is for you guys – thanks for encouraging me to stay connected.  🙂

Today I moved everything out of my house with the amazing helpfulness of my now-high-school-freshman bud Zin Mar, storing it all in the basement room of my gracious friends Gabe & Laura. Everything I need for the next who knows how long is now contained in the not quite 6′ x 12′ space that is my van. And I am SO EXCITED!!!

Zin Mar the professional mover
home, home on the wheels
the noble steed that is my GMC Safari

Already, times in the van have been rich.  I’ve had the chance to share it with a number of friends; it feels like a home to invite people into.  We sit, one on the floor, a few on the bed-turned-reclining-sofa.  It’s better than any living room I’ve ever been in.  In the few short weeks it’s been parked outside my house, the van has already been filled with deep conversations, dreaming about the summer, trip planning, chocolate eating, poetry reading, breakfast-making…  It’s wonderful.

I leave for a few days of climbing in Trout Creek, OR on Thursday, followed by a week spent guiding a bunch of high school girls on a backpacking trip with Big City Mountaineers.  And so it begins… Stay tuned.  🙂

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