Devils Tower: Why I Can’t Write About the Voluntary Closure

all photos by Aaron Huey Last night, after reading Devils Tower: Why We Don’t Climb in June, I turned to my friend Dylan, another guide here at Devils Tower Lodge, and for probably the 15th time in the last few weeks, said, “I don’t know what I think.” “I certainly know I couldn’t write a … More Devils Tower: Why I Can’t Write About the Voluntary Closure

Ol’ Blue

This article was first published in the September 2016 issue of Climbing Magazine. To fit the space allotted in the magazine – and to make it far more digestible too – it was edited and shortened significantly. This is the full version. all photos by Forest Woodward   My alarm fills the silence in my … More Ol’ Blue

Cliffs of Anxiety

It could be said that I mark my growth on the cliffs of Indian Creek, a line snaking upwards on the vibrant red sandstone. My growth as a climber, sure, but moreso my growth as a person. The walls hold stories – my stories, and probably yours too. I first visited Indian Creek in the … More Cliffs of Anxiety

Big Dreams

Dreams. I have a list of goals I keep on the Notes app of my phone, under the title Dream Big. Some of them are far off objectives, some of them I could complete tomorrow. Some are climbing related, and some are completely personal (and admittedly ambiguous), like, “Experience true freedom” [check]. The Enchantments link-up … More Big Dreams

Der Link-up

Last Tuesday, Whitney and I completed a link-up in the Stuart Range that I’ve dreamed of for awhile now, climbing Acid Baby, Solid Gold, and Iconoclast and hiking the Enchantments loop at the same time. Shane Wilder from Icicle TV here in Leavenworth loaned us a GoPro to document our day for a film he is interested … More Der Link-up

New [and Much Improved!] Harnesses from Arc’teryx

In the spirit of full disclosure, this product was given to me by Arc’teryx and I am generally biased towards their products [because they’re the best, duh]. While previous to becoming an ambassador I might not have written a review, I probably would have seen you at the crag and told you about my awesome gear [read: this is … More New [and Much Improved!] Harnesses from Arc’teryx


For better or for worse, I’m not usually someone who thinks too big picture. Societal issues overwhelm me; befriending a Burmese refugee family and helping them with life appeals far more than marching in the street for immigrant rights. Learning about climate change paralyzes me, but I’ll choose my bike over my car any day. I can’t … More #defineFEMININE

Team Dead Bird

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to join with the really fine folk at the Seattle Arc’teryx store and serve as their ambassador. Team Dead Bird (as we affectionately call Arc’teryx in the outdoor world). This might come as much of a surprise to you as it does to me…if you know … More Team Dead Bird